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more joy - less work

InnoStable is an intelligent feeding system for hay feeding. The robust construction is paired with sophisticated software solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need a whole rack or want to automate a feeding window for a barn, we will find the right one for you.

We will be happy to advise you and help you to find the best solution for you and your loved ones.

more joy and less work

InnoStable is there to relieve you of work, make it easier or make it completely superfluous so that you can have more fun and focus on the important things – namely spending quality time with your favorite four-legged friends.

One system for many applications

The Inno-Kit from InnoStable has a modular structure so that it fits your application perfectly. It can be mounted on masonry, wooden hay racks, or classic square hay racks with safety yoke or palisade yoke. The basic module consists of two side guides and a motor shaft. A tear-resistant tarpaulin with three crossbars is moved by a motor shaft. Lifting protection prevents the horse from opening the tarpaulin when the rack is closed.

The system is designed in such a way that you can build it yourself. You only need to adjust the width of the system to your local conditions. The connection of the motors and the power supply must be carried out by qualified personnel.

Possibilities of the Inno-Kit

Mechanics: The Inno-Kit can be used up to 3m wide and 2m high, we are happy to take a look at all other dimensions for your individual case.


Electrics: Up to 4 gates can be controlled with one control unit and it can be operated with 230V or solar. The gates can be opened or closed manually using two buttons.

Electronics: You can use the InnoStable app to program up to 5 different time programs with up to 20 switching times (if you need more, please just say so). The manual control allows you to open or close the gates from anywhere in the world, regardless of the programming. With a pause function, you can suspend the programming for a certain time if you spontaneously need a little more or less eating time. With the sensor module you can change the feeding times depending on the temperature and react to different rain intensities.


Use Inno-Kit

Depending on your horse’s state of health, you can use InnoStable to better dose the amount of feed or to mobilize your horse. Both functions can also be combined with one another.

Diet: Weight reduction or weight maintenance through eating times that are precise to the second, regardless of whether it is day or night. More personal time because the system works fully automatically around the clock.

Mobilization: In combination with a trail, the horses can be sent from one side of the hay rack to the other side of the hay rack. This is possible with the single gate control without reducing the eating time.

Refill hay

The hay is refilled as always, because the InnoKit is mounted on the pivoting part of your rack and simply pivots with it. For hay racks without a pivoting door, make sure that the free height is large enough so that the tractor can easily thread the hay bale.


The entire InnoKit from InnoStable is CE certified. Additional security functions are also integrated.

Audible warning tone just before the motors turn. As a result, nobody who is near the racks will be surprised by the automatic system.

Oversized rubber lips protect horse and human in the area of the rails.

When closing from above, propulsion is based on gravity, so no horse’s head is pinched by the motor.

Power off after the gates have run. This means that there is only electricity in the cables at the feeder when it is really needed.

From the control box everything runs with 12V, so you and your animals are not in danger if a cable is torn off or bitten.

Intelligent shutdown function in case of insufficient power. As soon as the battery is too weak in solar operation, the system starts up all gates and sends you a warning SMS.

More than on rack

Each rack has its own controls. Up to 4 gates can be controlled per controller. If you have several racks, you will find the individual racks listed in your InnoStable app and can switch back and forth between the racks with one click.


Inno-Kit control


All you need is a motor and controller. We would be happy to advise you and put together a suitable offer for you.

-> 1-4 motors (12V, 20Nm)

-> control box

-> 230V or 24V

-> Innostable app

from €945,-

Inno-Kit 230V

InnoStable (19)

You need the Inno-Kit for your rack and you have 230V. -> 1-4 motors (12V, 20Nm) -> control box -> 230V -> Innostable app -> for walls, wood, safety feed fences or palisade feed fences

from €2898,-

Inno-Kit Solar


You need the Inno-Kit for your rack and you don’t have electricity on site.

-> 1-4 motors (12V, 20Nm)

-> control box -> Solar

-> Innostable app

-> for walls, wood, safety feed fences or palisade feed fences

from €3529,-

Inno-Kit Metall Rack

InnoStable (4)

You need a pre-assembled Inno-Kit including a metal rack.

-> 1-4 motors (12V, 20Nm)

-> control box

-> 230V or solar

-> Innostable app

-> Metal rack with 12 feeding places

from €4898,-

We would be happy to create an individual offer for you, which exactly covers your needs. The easiest and fastest way is on the phone via zoom, when is it suitable for you? Make an appointment now!


Customer Feedback

It should only be the best for you and your horse? That's exactly how we see it! Should it be individual and simple and do you want solutions that make sense? We want that too 🙂 But read for yourself whether we keep what we promise:

Offenstall von Pippi und Pummel, Österreich


Über InnoStable

Our goal is to relieve you of work, worries and problems, to make your daily routine easier and to open up completely new possibilities through flexibility. This brings you more joy and means for you that you can focus on the important things – namely spending carefree quality time with your favorite four-legged friends.

We understand that your health and that of your loved ones is the most precious thing in life. We know that your time is precious and we want to enable you to take your quality of life to a new level.

We (Lukas and Mario) are two creative technicians and look forward to your project!


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